Lemon Citrus Enzyme and Scrub
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Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

I recently discovered Citrus Enzyme. I  was looking for something to add to my current surface spray recipe to enhance the antiseptic qualities. I wanted something natural, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. The citrus enzyme gives a fantastic lemony smell to your cleaning and is cheap and easy to make.  



300 g or 2 cups  lemon and/or orange scraps
100 g or ½ cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon yeast
2-litre bottle – Use a larger container if you are going to double up on the quantities
1 litre water

Funnel – to add brown sugar

Strainer or cheesecloth

Optional: 1 C Apple Cider Vinegar AFTER the enzyme is done fermenting. I add white vinegar into my surface spray so I leave it out of the base enzyme.

Pick a bottle that has a wide mouth and make sure to follow the proportions in this recipe. Chop up any citrus fruit scraps into chunks that will fit into the opening of the bottle. Add water, sugar, yeast, and shake for about 30 seconds. Then, close the cap LOOSELY so the trapped air can escape and not build up in the bottle.

Lemon Loveliness

Shake the bottle daily for 7 days, always leaving the cap on loosely otherwise the air will build up and create pressure in the bottle. You don’t want it exploding all over the place!
You’ll see the foam on the top in a day or two because of yeast fermentation.

Lemon Enzyme in the Making

After about 2 weeks, the enzyme will start to look opaque. Continue to ferment for up to a month. Strain the pulp and peel through a fine sieve or a muslin cloth. Set aside the pulp and peel for later!

Lemons brewing

If you are adding apple cider vinegar, add now. Using a funnel, pour into your final container.


You can create a simply all-purpose cleaner using a spray bottle with 1:10 ratio to water.


With this ratio you can use the spray for the following:

  • Clean vegetable and fruits
  • Cleaning floors
  • Washing bathrooms & toilets

In its concentrated form, you can add 60 ml  or 1/4 cup to the dishwater or into the washing machine to enhance your clothes cleaning


Lemon Pulp
Lemon Pulp, no waste here!

Now for the Pulp, nothing goes to waste!


Homemade Citrus Enzyme Scrub

Take the strained pulpy stuff, throw it into a food processor, and pulse until it’s nice and slushy to make your base for the cleaning scrub.

Next, add some bicarbonate of soda and continue to pulse until it forms a nice, thick paste. It depends how much pulp you have to how much bicarbonate of soda you add. Add about a half cup at a time until it’s a good consistency, like a soft paste. I added some citric acid, about 2 teaspoons to stop the mixture from going brown and it’s also really good as a limescale remover. Then put the concoction in a lidded container and start cleaning!
This scrub worked so well on my kitchen sink. The bicarbonate of soda and citrus enzyme combination made my sink clean and sparkly and the kitchen smells amazing.

Lemon Scrub
Lemon Scrub

I keep in the fridge to extend the shelf life as it will begin got go brown if exposed to daylight.


Disinfectant Cleaner blog to follow shortly.

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