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DIY Face Powder

I love making my own cleaning products and have recently become interested in making my own face and body care.
I checked some of the ingredients in a well known high street face powder and found mostly innocuous mineral substances like Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate, and Calcium Carbonate. However, the main ingredient is Talc and this is a little controversial as there have been several studies trying to link talc to cancer that remain inconclusive, but why take the chance with your health!

A few did catch my attention, that I would rather not have in direct contact with my skin.

Methylparaben:  Widely used as a preservative in women’s cosmetics. This compound is found within breast cancer tissues and researchers have suggested that methylparaben may increase the risk of breast cancer, or accelerate the growth of these tumors

Propylparaben:  another nasty frequently added ingredient. One of the main dangers of propylparaben cited by dermatologists is the chemical’s ability to mimic estrogen in the human body. Because hormones play such a vital role in the body by stimulating various biological processes, chemicals that mimic hormones can lead to a significant number of problems and pain from internal inflammation. When this happens, you may start gaining weight, retaining more fluids, and can even lead to cancer. Estrogen-related problems from propylparaben are especially detrimental to women who are pregnant or nursing women who are already facing wide hormonal fluctuations. In most cases, levels of this chemical are low, but it’s in lots of products. So restricting this synthetic compound cuts down your risk of overexposing your skin to higher than normal levels of this ingredient.Just a few issues from artificial fragrance include nausea, dizziness and skin reactions

Parfum/Fragrance: Unless products have no scent, they’re packed with artificial fragrance. These can also be extremely toxic to your system. You may also be alarmed to learn that most manufacturers can simply list “perfume” or “fragrance” on the label without listing the nasty chemicals lurking behind these innocent sounding names.

So, I have had a go at making my own face powder. I don’t use foundation, just a homemade oil serum packed with lovely essential oils and a dusting of face powder on top.

I made a medium shade powder, I am naturally fair with a mature rosy complexion:

Arrowroot Powder, Cocoa and cinnamon
Basic Ingredients

Arrowroot powder. Helps make your skin soft and silky and is the base of the face powder

Cocoa Powder: Not only does cocoa powder act as the main coloring ingredient in this DIY but it’s also beneficial for your skin! Cocoa powder contains antioxidants which help heal and repair any skin damage.

: This spice does provide a tiny bit of coloring. It’s a very balancing spice and it’s may help if you have acne. It’s also a natural skin plumper which means that it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles and as I rush towards sixty, I need all the help I can get! Please note that cinnamon can be a common face irritant so if you wish to use it, I recommend doing a test patch first. You could also substitute with Nutmeg.

Light Shade:
2 Tablespoon Organic Arrowroot Powder
0.5 teaspoon. Cocoa Powder – I used Green and Black’s Organic
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

Medium Shade:
2 Tablespoon Organic Arrowroot Powder
1.5  teaspoon. Cocoa Powder – I used Green and Black’s Organic
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

Dark Shade:
2 Tablespoon Organic Arrowroot Powder
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder – I used Green and Black’s Organic
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

Optional Ingredients:
Ginger: if you have yellow pigments in your skin
French Green Clay: This works for people with more red pigments in the skin. Green cancels red!

Place ingredients into a bowl.
Mix well, use the back of a spoon to break up any cocoa powder clumps.
Start out with the shade closest to your skin tone but to get a perfect match you may need to add more cocoa powder or cinnamon.
Transfer to a clean jar or old compact container

I turned mine into a more compact version. To do this add to the dry ingredients, ⅛ teaspoon of any light carrier oil. I used organic jojoba oil and to also some essential oils for extra moisturising properties. Keep adding a little more oil just so that the powder starts to stick together a little.

Essential Oils for Extra Benefits!
To my medium shade powder, I added the following:

1 drop Sandalwood– Tones and relieves itching, inflammation, and dehydrated skin. Rashes, scar tissue, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dandruff are just some of the issues it can assist with.

1 drop Helichrysum –  It contains anti-microbial, anti-biotic and regenerative compounds that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. An expensive oil but I use a tiny amount.

2 drops Rose Absolute – a traditionally calming and uplifting oil and has anti-inflammatory, cooling, and soothing properties. It works well for dry, hot, inflamed, or itchy skin. It can also help to treat broken capillaries.

2 drops German Chamomile – a soothing oil, useful for a dry, problem and irritated skin.

Jojoba Oil, arrowroot, Cocoa, Cinnamon and essential oils
Additional Ingredients

Place in an old foundation container or a small jar with a wide enough mouth to get your brush or pad into. Press down fairly hard until it is compacted and flat. To press it down, I found it easiest to use the bottom of measuring cup. You could also lay down a paper towel and use your hand. Allow the powder to dry for 1-2 weeks by leaving it opened in a warm sunny spot.

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