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Over the years, the rise of the supermarket has sounded the death knell of many local markets around the world. Hopefully, with the growing movement of zero waste, people will seek out these amazing resources for a more eco-friendly way of shopping.

Buying fruit and vegetables from the market is a great way of cutting down on plastic waste. The produce is also cheaper and fresher than most sold in the supermarket.

When you buy local, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint in that you are lessening the amount of energy it takes to bring your food and goods from its producer to you, the end consumer. You can make your shopping trip even more eco-friendly by taking your own reusable bags with you and that way you also help keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans.

If you buy a lot of produce every week, consider acquiring a shopping trolley (Sholley) for carrying your fruit and vegetable haul from the market. Yes, I get ribbed for pulling along my granny basket, but it makes life so much easier, that I simply don’t care!

Take advantage of seasonally low prices by buying in bulk and flash freezing.  Freezing Fruit & Vegetables

I have encountered a certain prejudice to market shopping. Society has got used to the sanitised, plastic covered food displayed in a methodical fashion. Personally, I love my weekly trip to the market. The colours and heady smells of all the fruit and vegetables. The lively often funny, interaction with the market sellers. There is a sense of camaraderie, of sharing the best-kept secret in town. To be able to buy cheaper, fresher, produce and being able to buy the exact amount that I need.


Increasing fruit and vegetables into your diet has been proved to have a profound effect on your health. A plant-based diet can help slow cognitive decline due to the increase in plant compounds and antioxidants. As a plus, they help reduce your risk to certain types of cancer and reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

A lot of towns are bringing back farmers markets due to an increasing interest in fresh organic food so check out your local paper to see what is popping up in your area.  So why not drop into your local market and go and support the small business people who have the heart and passion to keep this wonderful local community-based resource alive.

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