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Review of Movis Face Soap from Lush

One of the easy ways of reducing plastic waste is by switching to bar soap. Body soap is an easy switch but face soap is a bit more tricky. I have sensitive skin and bar soap gives me dry itchy skin.

So I thought I would venture into Lush. I have to be honest, I find the smell of the Lush shops overpowering, but the reason for this is their ethos of not using unnecessary packaging.  So all of the scents collect into a cornucopia of different perfumes fighting with each other. They use chalkboards which are much more environmentally friendly than paper or plastic signage. All of Lush’s products are vegetarian and they are totally against animal testing and vet all of their suppliers to make sure they are of the same ethical standards. I would be happier if their range was totally vegan, but on balance they are better than most cosmetic companies.

Because of my dry mature skin, I was recommended to try Movis. It’s a little weird and has an unusual texture. It’s squidgy but doesn’t dissolve and I have had mine for over six months. I do suggest that you use a soap dish that drains as I think it will go mushy on the bottom.

It’s got a mildly gritty, rough surface and is a good mild exfoliant when used directly on wet skin. It doesn’t foam much which is a good thing as it means it’s not filled with nasty chemicals to create foam. It has a warm malty musky smell of wholemeal bread. I love the comforting smell but it might not be to everybody’s liking.  

The soap contains wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, wheat bran, coconut and sunflower oil soap base, sandalwood and hop oils. 

My skin feels clean, soft and not at all tight. I love how it is free of any packaging and also that it can easily be transported in a little tin, of which Lush sell. So for me, it’s an excellent practical product.

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