• Homemade Face Powder
    Face and Body Care,  Tutorials

    DIY Face Powder

    I love making my own cleaning products and have recently become interested in making my own face and body care. I checked some of the ingredients in a well known high street face powder and found mostly innocuous mineral substances…

  • ABiggerIssueThanPlastic

    A Bigger Issue Than Plastic

    For many months, I have pondered the topic of mans part in the earth’s destruction. My journey into a low waste lifestyle has opened my eyes to all manner of issues facing humankind and an uncertain future Plenty of people imagine…

  • Washing Day
    Eco Home Cleaning,  Tutorials

    Homemade Laundry Powder

    There are various options to go zero waste when buying washing powder. There are many powders in nice recyclable cardboard boxes out there. But here’s the rub, inspect the ingredients and read the warnings on those washing detergent boxes and…

  • Fruit and vegetables
    Plastic Free

    Marvellous Markets

    Over the years, the rise of the supermarket has sounded the death knell of many local markets around the world. Hopefully, with the growing movement of zero waste, people will seek out these amazing resources for a more eco-friendly way…

  • Musings

    Walking A Free Resource

    I love walking. It brings me a sense of peace like nothing else. If we let it, being outside and close to nature can have a profound effect on our senses. The problem is that we get so caught up…

  • Reviews

    Lets Talk Cotton Buds

    As a nation, we use cotton buds for a variety of reasons ranging from poking around in our ears, applying makeup, cleaning, baby care, etc  As a product they are an indispensable. The problem is most of the stems are…

  • Buy Second Hand

    My Lifelong Love of Charity Shops

    When I was a little girl, I used to sit and watch my grandmother, a gifted seamstress sew clothes. I was fascinated by the old singer sewing machine that she had and eventually bought one of my own when I…